Quality Equipment & Parts, Inc., has teamed up with Bully Dog to make available to their customers the Bully Dog Big Rig Power Pup programmers.  These programs have been designed with one goal in mind to add bottom line profits through lower fuel consumption cost in big rig trucks.   Whether you are an owner/operator, have a fleet or thousands or somewhere in between these programs have been designed for you.

The Big Rig Power Pup is simple to install and comes with two tunes: an Economy Tune, and Economy with Power Tune.  Designed to safely improve fuel economy in Cummins, Caterpillar or Detroit Diesel engines.  The programmers al386-4873783so have the ability to return the vehicle back to original stock settings.

To learn more check out the website below and if you are interested in having a Big Rig Power Pup installed for your engine,

call our parts department to order yours today by contacting Bobby Crisp, Parts Manager @ 386-487-3783 or email him @ bobby@qamparts.com.  If you need to install your Bully Dog and have questions about our service contact our Service Manager, Jamie Tollison @ 386-754-6188 or email him direct @ jamie@qamparts.com.

Quality Equipment & Parts, Inc.

Check out Bully Dog site: