24 LED Road Flare Kit!

The 24 LED Road Flare kit is specially designed as a warning light for when truckers are hauling logs. The 24 LED Road Flare is placed on the back of the log trailer and screwed to a log to help the driver behind the log trailer to easily see the trailer and the logs.  The 24 LED Road Flare is mounted on a metal L-shaped bracket and comes with a lag tree screw, powerful magnet orb, and a 120 volt charger and 12V charger.  The 24 LED Road Flare has a rechargeable battery.  The kit is designed to keep the light on the bracket and charge as needed.

The 24 LED Road Flare is encased in thick yellow polycarbonate plastic, this advanced rechargeable roadside flare device contains 24 extremely bright LEDs visible up to a half mile away. The lights are set in two rows and can be set to five flashing patterns, including the international SOS signal, and can run as long as 10 hours from one charge. Virtually indestructible, this versatile flare is crush- and corrosion-proof, and waterproof up to 50 feet. In addition, the flare is magnetized and can be affixed to any metal surface.

These road flares work in any weather, providing a bright visible marker when needed. The flare can be easily stored in your trunk and holds its charge well, without the worry of batteries. There is also the added bonus of no smoke hazard from conventional 5-minute strike flares.